Target HostΒΆ

The target host is the host on which the API to be tested can be found. Gabbi intends to preserve the flow and semantics of HTTP interactions as much as possible, and every HTTP request needs to be directed at a host of some form. Gabbi provides three ways to control this:

  • Using wsgi-intercept to provide a fake socket and WSGI environment on an arbitrary host and port attached to a WSGI application (see intercept examples).

  • Using fully qualified url values in the YAML defined tests (see full examples).

  • Using a host and (optionally) port defined at test build time (see live examples).

The intercept and live methods are mutually exclusive per test builder, but either kind of test can freely intermix fully qualified URLs into the sequence of tests in a YAML file.

For test driven development and local tests the intercept style of testing lowers test requirements (no web server required) and is fast. Interception is performed as part of Fixtures processing as the most deeply nested fixture. This allows any configuration or database setup to be performed prior to the WSGI application being created.

For the implementation of the above see build_tests().